Residential Composting Services:

Pennsylvania Resources Council

As an advocate for resposnible waste and recycling practices, PRC now offers virtual workshops so residents can learn how to compost in their own backyard! These workshops cover the importance and benefits of composting, the process, set up, maintenance, and more!

Worm Return

With a goal to keep food waste out of landfills, Worm Return offers composting services for households and businesses, interactive seminars for schools and events, as well as waste consultation for homeowners, restaurants, urban farms, and more!

Shadyside Worms

With a goal to promote the science behind composting and urban agriculture, Shadyside Worms offers a subscription based curbside composting service, waste stream consulting for households and small businesses, and educational workshops about composting and sustainable waste streams.

Other Composting Services:


One of the first composting facilities of its kind, AgRecycle has decades of experience turning waste materials into high quality soils and landscape mulch available for purchase.

Pittsburgh Garden and Composting Service

Working to create a more efficient and effective organic waste stream in the region, Pittsburgh Garden and Composting Service offers compost collection to commercial clients.

Zero Waste Wrangler

Zero Waste Wrangler works primarily with restaurants and other food based businesses to keep organic materials out of landfills.