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Tutu Vegano (GF & V)


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Prepared by Casa Brasil

Buy a meal kit, give a meal! With the purchase of this meal kit, you are providing a meal for a service industry worker.

This exclusive recipe for Allegheny Eats brings a combination of traditional and local flavors to the plate!

Tutu Vegano features pinto beans purée thickened with farinha (yuca flour), and chili pepper topped with grilled tofu and chopped parsley. Accompanied by white rice and a side of veggie of the week provided by Clarion River Organics

Gluten Free & Vegan

What’s a tutu

Tutu is a bean purée that can be made with black or pinto beans. As you may know, beans along with rice are one of the most common ingredients in Brazilian cuisine. Although it can be made in a few different ways, Tutu is a very traditional and popular dish throughout Brazil.

Tutu is also a way to give a new life to leftover beans by adding some spices and creating a whole new dish instead of sending leftovers to waste.


Some assembly required. Please visit this page for meal kit instructions.

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